Dear music lover,

I'm a private teacher, experienced and certified cellist / orchestra musician from Lisboa, Portugal, with several years of teaching, I accompany children, beginners, adults and advanced students into  a future and into their musical dream.

My focus is not only the technichs and motor skills of the instrumental playing, but always trying to convey musical relationships.
The motivation and enthusiasm of my students always come on the first plan.

In my teaching I develop skills such as concentration, musical hearing and memory, coordination, being in rhythm, the basics of music theory and improvisation.

The lessons can take place at my place in Neuköln (friedelstr) or at yours (+ 10€ for go and back). 
Also teach Zoom/Skype lessons.
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and little bit of German.

Ps1: There's a second cello at my place so you don't need to carry yours all the way on your back.